Tara Lajumoke

Managing Director | FT Strategies
Tara Lajumoke is the Managing Director of FT Strategies, the FT’s boutique consulting firm. Lajumoke is based in London, where she leads a team of consultants who help global organisations build sustainable business models, drawing on the experience of the data and strategy experts who transformed the FT into a profitable digital news provider.

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Tara joined the FT from McKinsey & Co’s London office where she was a junior Partner. She has over 15 years strategy, finance and operational experience in consulting and previously, at Goldman Sachs across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the US. At McKinsey, she served clients across multiple sectors – including financial services, consumer and healthcare – on a range of topics, including building new businesses, digital transformations and designing innovative customer propositions.

Tara is a Fulbright Scholar and MBA graduate of Harvard Business School. She graduated from the London School of Economics & Political Science with First Class Honours and was awarded the Bassett’s Memorial prize for outstanding performance. She previously co-founded a consumer start-up and is an advisor to multiple early stage businesses. She also sits on the board of an executive leadership charity and is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds.

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Tara Lajumoke
Managing Director | FT Strategies


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