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Product Manager | Career Masterclass

Patrick Giwa is a dynamic and experienced technology consultant, Business Analyst and Product Manager. He is passionate about helping exciting businesses to build powerful products that spark business growth, increase operational efficiency and generate more profit.

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At 24, he started and completed a PhD in Technology Entrepreneurship specifically investigating the influence of technology incubators on the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in Nigeria.

Patrick works as a digital transformation consultant where he has helped many startups and small businesses on their digital transformation and implementation projects. Most recently, he consulted for Flight Centre, one of the world’s largest travel companies as the Lead Global Business Analyst/Product Owner on a global automation project.

Patrick single-handedly built Career Masterclass’ very first website and subsequent ones. He was also responsible for the build of STRETCH Conference web experience for  2017, 2018 and 2019 which were vital to the success of the conference.  He is currently Product Manager at Career Masterclass leading efforts to build and release features focused on enabling the career growth of ambitious and aspirational professionals.

When not building products, Patrick is coaching and helping other professionals to see value in themselves and build a successful career through his regular posts on LinkedIn which have been read by millions and impacted hundreds. 

Patrick is a man on a mission to help kids in Africa have easy access to computers and internet facilities.

“I firmly believe that a child with a computer today can become the Bill Gates of a Microsoft or a Zuckerberg of a Facebook in 15 years”

Outside of work, Patrick still works full-time as a dad at Peesville – home to Patrick, Patricia, Phebe and Philemon.

"You are the CEO of your career so take control and steer it in the direction you want."

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LinkedIn Hacks: Harnessing LinkedIn Strategies for Career Growth

Patrick Giwa
Product Manager | Career Masterclass


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