Lola Ninonuevo

EMEA Chief Operating Officer  | Wells Fargo
Lola joined Wells Fargo in August 2020 as the Regional Chief Operating Officer for the EMEA Region. She is a member of the EMEA Executive Committee, Wells Fargo Securities Limited (WFSIL) Executive Committee and the Wells Fargo Bank N.A. London Branch Management Committee as well as chair of the EMEA Operating Committee.

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Lola is based in London with responsibility for the EMEA business management, operations and technology teams, and works closely with the Risk, Compliance, Control and Legal functions to manage emerging risks and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Also, she is the executive sponsor for the EMEA Diversity & Inclusion Council, and an advisor for the Employee Network for the Advancement of Black Leadership & Development (ENABLeD).

Lola has over 25 years’ experience in the financial sector, primarily within Global Banking and Markets. Prior to Wells Fargo, Lola was at HSBC, where she had worked for over 20 years in a number of senior roles in London and New York. Her most recent role was Chief Operating Officer, Global Banking and Markets (GBM) Europe. Prior to this, She was the Head of Global Standards Strategy, Governance and Assurance. Through these and various COO roles in business and IT, Lola has developed expertise in large scale transformation, operations and technology; combining transformation experience with risk management and operations.

Lola holds a degree in Economics from Rutgers University (Douglass College) New Jersey, and further postgraduate studies in Finance.

"You have to be prepared and flexible to adapt."

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Lola Ninonuevo
EMEA Chief Operating Officer  | Wells Fargo


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