Jola Aderemi-Makinde

Head of Brand & Reputation, Sub-Saharan Africa | Google
Jola leads Google’s Brand and Reputation efforts in Sub-saharan Africa. With her team, she is responsible for delivering Google’s commitments to drive economic opportunity via education, job creation, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, gender equality amongst others.

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One of the flagship programs she leads is Grow with Google – a program initiated by Google Africa in 2017 to help create economic opportunity through free skills training. To date, over 5 million Africans have benefited from the program – from students to jobseekers, small businesses and entrepreneurs with 49% female participation. Moreover, 60% of those trained have recorded impact on jobs, career and business growth. Her experience spans multiple industries and geographies.

Prior to Google, she was a strategy consultant working with Accenture. She is passionate about technology and its ability to unlock human potential and improve the general good. She is a strong diversity and inclusion champion. Jola is a mentor and advises on various programmes and boards. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Lagos and a Masters in Management and Strategic Information Systems from the University of Bath.

"You have to be deliberate about your legacy as a leader."

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Building a legacy: Achieving significance

Jola Aderemi-Makinde
Head of Brand & Reputation, Sub-Saharan Africa | Google


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