Glory Edozien

LinkedIn Visibility Coach and Lead Consultant, Inspired by Glory Academy

Glory is a LinkedIn Visibility Coach and Lead Consultant at the Inspired by Glory Academy, where she teaches mid-to-senior level career women on how to build visibility and establish thought leadership on LinkedIn. 

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Her training and consulting clients include several corporates across various industries while her personal coaching clients and course participants include mid-to-senior level executives in corporate institutions, NGOs, and government establishments.

Her clients have received high profile appointments, key partnerships, and commendations in their careers. A number of them have been published on recognized media, launched their own platforms and gotten clarity on their thought leadership brands as well as their next career move. She has provided training and coaching services to over 500 women.

Glory is an alumnus of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers and has been listed as one of Nigeria’s 100 most inspiring women. She has been featured in many notable magazines and platforms including Guardian Life, Ebony Life TV, Genevieve Magazine and Arise.

Glory holds a PhD in Real Estate and Planning from the University of Reading, UK. She is a Certified Expert on Climate Change and Renewable Energy Finance, and regularly consults on climate change policy documents.

"Visibility is the art of letting people know what you are capable of and your result as a professional. It is the art of demonstrating and communicating your value to the right people."

Glory's Class

​Virtual Visibility: How to remain visible in the virtual world of work

Glory Edozien
LinkedIn Visibility Coach and Lead Consultant, Inspired by Glory Academy


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