Gavin Anderson

Head, Gosheven Tribe First

Gavin is an Entrepreneur at heart. He staged an event at 14 where he made his first profit and had 5 companies at 21. 

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He went on to lead Futurebrand Digital and their acquisition strategy (part of McCann), buying and turning around companies. His own start-up that advertises to 73% of all “mums to be” in the UK in antenatal waiting rooms is profitable and debt free.

Gavin is a Non-Executive Director and strategic advisor to several companies. He is a director at Tribe First Crowdfunding Agency, working with start-ups and growth companies. He is a strategist and design thinking practitioner that loves old cars and cooking.

"Until you have a story, don’t worry about it and don’t get distracted by it."

Gavin's Class

How to leverage media and press for start-up success

Gavin Anderson
Head, Gosheven Tribe First


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