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    February 26, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    Unanswered Questions from last night’s webinar:

    • If you apply for a job from a recruitment agency and based on finding out the company, it is not of interest (i.e. because the company is not in a sector you are interested in), how do you reject/withdraw your application politely?

    • Can I ask for recommendations way after I have left the company?

    • How would you advice people like me that have BA, PMO and Data analyst skills, would I not be limiting my opportunities if I stick to just one type of role in my summary profile writing?

    • How do you maintain relationships with people on LinkedIn especially if you have a large number of connections?

    • Thank you Patrick for your insight, can you share the apps that you’ve mentioned please?

    • How do you link your passion to LinkedIn? I am a member of Rotary International and I would like to link it to my role for either a job change or to use my being a member of Rotary to gain recommendations.

    • I get a lot of follow requests and job specs from recruitment consultants should I respond/follow to all?

    • In terms of contributing content (articles / posts); would you recommend to only write around my career and the jobs I want to get, or can I also write about my passions which aren’t linked to my career?

    • Does it particularly matter if you add many people outside your preferred job sector?

    • Are there certain tweaks we need to make to your tips if we are in the age range of 18-21? (i.e Sixth Form, University)

    • I’m an undergraduate. I write and I also have knowledge in coding(programming). How can I combine these skills on my profile and get offers in both branches?

    • When you go to events, do you always post a notification about them and how?

    I go to various events and I do not necessarily know If I should post them: e.g. workshop about accountancy at the Business IP Centre…


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