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    November 20, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    Doing your current role really well and ‘doing what’s expected’ isn’t enough. You need to find other things that aren’t expected, start showing initative and leading on work that goes beyond your current role.You also need to build a network of other people who will support the idea that you are operating at the next level up and should be promoted. Have you done anything to improve your knowledge or understanding of the rest of the business? Have you taken on more, new responsibility that is greater than what you were doing before? Sre you helping to develop others or develop the team or helping to improve team or business performance? Are you reading information about your role or industry sector outside work and therefore showing enhanced subject matter knowledge which would show you take promotion seriously? Or are you just doing your job well and expecting to be promoted because you’ve been there for a while?


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