Chonnettia Jones

VP, Michael Smith Foundation for Health
As Vice President, Research at the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research, Chonnettia Jones leads MSFHR’s funding programs, ensuring support for the province’s talented health researchers in improving the health of British Columbians and their health system.

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Chonnettia has more than twenty years of experience in science research, strategy and evaluation in government and philanthropic sectors in the US, UK and Europe. She initially trained as a geneticist and developmental biologist at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Following her postdoctoral studies, Chonnettia joined the Janelia Research Campus of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, where she managed an ambitious scientific research program that supported collaborative research projects between Janelia scientists and international visiting scientists from around the world.

Prior to joining the Michael Smith Foundation, Chonnettia worked in London at the Wellcome Trust. As Director of Insight and Analysis, Chonnettia provided strategic leadership to maximise the impact of the achievements and opportunities that arose from Wellcome’s funded research and strategic initiatives.

Chonnettia is an active champion of equality, diversity and inclusion, and has held a long-standing commitment to mentorship of emerging leaders. Her personal interests include English history and international travel.

"I learned to share my experiences and challenges with others because I think there is power in communities."

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Chonettia Jones
VP, Michael Smith Foundation for Health


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